The adapter housing is made of heat-resistant, insulating material, internal connections of solid metal on CNC

The adapter has a built-in thermal fuse that interrupts charging when the temperature reaches 100 ℃

(the test showed a maximum heating of 72 ℃, during a full charge of the car, the maximum charging power was 135 kilowatts)

Anti-corrosion coating on the metal connectors inside the adapter. The connectors will not oxidize causing overheating during charging

Automatic locking of the charging station connector in the adapter. To disconnect the connector of the charging station, you should unblock the port, remove the adapter from the car, and then disconnect the connector

The shape of the adapter is similar to the shape of the Tesla Supercharger / CHAdeMO connector, as a result, the adapter becomes less noticeable during charging

Does not reduce the charging speed, allows you to charge the car at full station power

WARRANTY 10 years!


The adapter is designed to charge Tesla Model S / X / 3 / Y cars (the US spec.) on DC charging stations with a TYPE 2 Tesla Supercharger connector, as well as on CHAdeMO charging stations (using the CHAdeMO TYPE 2 adapter)


One side of the adapter is inserted into the charging port of the car, the other is connected to the connector of the Tesla Supercharger charging station / or CHAdeMO TYPE 2 adapter when charging at the CHAdeMO station

Countries where you can use our adapter (charging stations with TYPE 2): Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa



Cannot be used on all alternating current (AC) stations.

Cannot be used with domestic and city chargers with alternating current (AC).